There are over 23,000 children in “Out of Home Care” status across the state of Florida (DCF, 2018). Will you help today?

Community Outreach Project:

We believe in community outreach and encourage the public to participate in helping us cover the cost of providing for local foster children.  Choosing All Florida Colors is the better choice because when you invest in your home or commercial painting project, you will help invest in the life of a child or teen that might not feel, yet, at home. 

Each month, All Florida Colors sponsors a child by partnering with Place of Hope, a state-licensed children’s organization that helps foster children throughout Florida.

What’s exciting is that you can track our progress during the campaign  (Click Here) as we aim to meet the targeted square footage goal each month.  Each time we do, we connect with a local foster parent and provide a free bedroom makeover for the child in care.  We understand that it can be difficult for any child to adjust to a new placement home and All Florida Colors aims to help make the transition as comfortable as possible, despite the circumstances.  The makeover symbolizes a new beginning and a fresh start toward healing, It provides a sense of belonging to their new living situation.    Be sure to check out our monthly campaign to see how simply contacting us for a Free Estimate can help meet our goal.